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Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing Charters

A normal day of fishing invoice will begin with you to meet us at Marina Los Suenos in Jaco, or be picked up from your hotel in Jaco or Los Suenos. You will be greeted by the captain of our boat or the concierge.

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Your captain will personally accompany you to your boat, where your crew will wait for you and you will walk around 7:00.

In addition to Costa Rica Marlines massive fishing here we are also known for our dorado (golden), tuna, wahoo, grouper, amber cream, snapper, rooster, corvina, sea bass with better flavor and many more species.

Depending on the time of year, billfishes such as marlin and sailfish can be seen “rising” in the bait. Hopefully, they will “hit” the bait. Your crew will be vigilant in watching the fish soar and you will know when they will identify the fish.

Once in the fishing zone, the mates go to all the lines and the “teasers” (lures) in the water behind the boat and that “goblin” in about 6-7 knots, while the search for the pico fish .

Once the fish bites the hook, the companion will hang for you while you are ready to “fight” the fish by getting a support rod strap in and reaching the combat chair. In Costa Rica, all marlins caught and released.

Once hooked, you will be given the stem and help the training in the proper techniques of fighting and landing fish. Depending on where the captain sits is the best fishing area for the day, you have an hour for a 1-1 / 2 hour trip to the fishing areas.

See porpoises, turtles and whales are commonly seen. Many times while fishing for colorful fish in Jaco, they catch tuna and also Mahi Mahi (golden), which are excellent eat fish. Our boats also have a lighter catch which is great fun when catching tuna or mahi.