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Jaco Costa Rica Crocodile Tour


Depending on the time of year, “Crocodile Man” can dive into the water and bring out the baby teeth for you to keep. This guy is crazy. You will also be able to see many birds and animals from the mangroves.

This tour requires adventurers of all ages and fitness levels. It is a fun and educational half-day celebration of Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity.

Tarcoles Rive Costa Rica Crocodile Tours

This exciting tour includes Crocodile Watch and many male-crocodile pigs on the biodiversity of the Tárcoles River Crocodile Man Tour. Watch this video of crocodile Man in Action

The proximity of the Tárcoles River, just 15 minutes from Jaco Costa Rica Hotel Poseidon, houses one of the largest populations of American crocodiles in the world.

Some of the people here are as big as eighteen feet long! Take a boat ride through the mangrove forest is a great way to see these prehistoric creatures. They have not changed much in 200 million years.

Your guide to this adventure will be the well-known “Crocodile Man”. I’ll show you where they live, how they raise their young, and how and what they eat. I’m going to get into the river while the boat to feed them by hand! It is an incredible spectacle, not for the faint of heart.

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