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Jaco Costa Rica Kayak Tour


Located just 20 minutes from Jaco Beach Needles is where “we settled” for a 40 minute palette of spectacular cliffs, inhabited by hundreds of pelicans and frigates, a secluded beach.

Your guides will be served as a fresh fruit buffet on the beach. Enjoy a jungle waterfall, a swim and snorkel in the warm Pacific waters before getting past the natural cliff facing the sea on our return.

No experience, no minimum age required.

Jaco Kayaking Tour Costa Rica

‘Costa Rica and served there is no better way to see this incredible than the water coast! We kayak tours of low impact to the environment and respectful of June and we offer the opportunity of active relaxation to enjoy the short June Jaco nature.

Impressed by you from quality teams and bilingual naturalist guides and are aussi who can describe the entire flora and fauna Eager found trajectory in time. He was able to see Sami from SEA STARS, lobsters, fish blowers, monkeys, reasons, turtles and much, much more!

Choose from unique kayaks or by tandem light bamboo paddles. If you are an independent active traveler, then this is the tour for you! We enjoy June half day tour, which include transportation to the Jaco area, bottled water and no fresh fruit buffet to make a beautiful beach enjoy.

All of my excursions include scuba diving (Hora La Përmet) and the Un Certain Time section for bird watching on the beach is’ll stop, swimming, frisbee playing a quick game of or looking for shells.


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