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Costa Rica Nauyaca Falls Tour

Nauyaca Falls are hidden in a secluded canyon near the peaceful southern town on Sunday. Cascades falling stones on two levels, one of 150 feet and the other 65 feet.

Nauyaca flows into a sparkling pool, the perfect place for swimming and fun in the afternoon. The cataracts are private property, and the owner, Don Lulos, performs regular trips to the region on horseback. If you are looking for extreme emotions, you can dive into the key rims near the top of the falls.

Nauyaca Cascades Tours is a fully Costa Rican tourism family, dedicated for several years for the tour of operations. These are horseback riding, traveling across the farm bordering two impressive waterfalls.

 Nauyaca tours Costa Rica Dominical Costa Rica

These majestic waterfalls are one of the main attractions of the Southern region of Costa Rica, not only for its natural beauty, offering recreational moments and fun, but also to participate in various activities such as horse riding, swimming , Climbing, jumping and observing much of the beauty of the rainforest among others. Cascades Nauyaca is the ideal place not only for those in search of tranquility and nature, but also for lovers of adventure and excitement.

They are a starting point for ecotourism adventure reference, as they are recognized worldwide for its beauty and excellent services they provide.

Horseback Riding Excursions Nauyaca

Description: The entire ride is more than 8 kilometers, with three rest periods, the first stop is a good typical house prepared to recive visitors, where you will have a delicious typical Costa Rican breakfast, The opportunity to see animals in the mini-zoo familys.

Nauyaca Waterfall Costa Rica

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nauyaca waterfall costa rica

nauyaca waterfall costa rica

nauyaca waterfall  dominical

Nauyaca Waterfall Dominical